Thank you letter (面试后寄给面试官的感谢信范文)


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今天要来讲讲感谢信! 透过cover letter和简历而取得面试机会后,就结束了吗? 当然不是!

面试后绝对不能忘了向面试官表达你的感谢! 这也是再一次强调自己想服务这间公司的极佳机会!



thank you letter英文润色服务也能在wordvice中购买!

Thank You Letters

You should always send a thank-you letter to the interviewer following an interview. You can use the letter to state your continued interest in the position and highlight specific points that arose during your discussion. You can include information you forgot to mention during the interview. Thank you letters are usually typed in business letter form. Hand written letters on simple note cards or stationery are acceptable as well. You should send a thank you within three days of the interview.

Sample Thank You Letter

Ms. Janet Ikeda
Director of Wordvice
Chungdam Street
California, United States

Dear Ms. Ikeda:

I would like to thank you for giving me a call last Friday, November 1st. I enjoyed our phone conversation on Friday, October 1st, and would like to confirm my interest in the position of PR Assistant. As a result of our discussion, I am even more enthusiastic about working with Essayreview Corporation.

The opportunities you described within the Advertisement team sound both challenging and exciting. I feel that my skills in the area of research, writing, public speaking and community relations would allow me to make a positive contribution to your organization.

Thank you again for your time. I hope you will give my application serious consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



Your Name (typewritten)


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